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At Sunset

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At Sunset

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At Sunset is a current project, in which I have been working on since March 2012. It was born from the need to do something to contribute to the world we all live in. It is my way to give something back in return for all the precious gifts life brings everyday. My goal is to take a picture, an image of beauty every day a couple hours before sunset and share it with friends like you.

Why sunsets?

Because sunsets inspire me, perhaps due to the quality of light, or because they remind me the day is almost over. I firmly believe photography is something to share; it offers the opportunity to connect people, it has the power of bringing people together. I don't have an explanation for every photo that I take. In fact, I don't believe most images need an explanation at all, nor do I look for everybody’s approval. Taking these pictures for me is more a matter of enjoying some of nature’s beauty and sharing it with people like you.I hope you enjoy these images as much as I do.


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