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About Me

About Me

cataaboutmeMy name is Catalina Londono Carder and I am a Scientific Illustrator, Marine Biologist and Nature Photographer. The admiration and respect I have for nature comes from my parents. My mother In addition to being an artist she also teaches art and ecology.My father is a professional photographer who specializeas in nature photography. This combination of art and a love for nature inspired me to begin creating scientific illustrations.

I studied Biology in college and focused particularly on marine mammals, which I have since worked with for the past 15 years, both in Colombia and more recently in the United States. In Colombia I researched various species of whales and dolphins, in aquariums as well as in their natural habitats.

While working for Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute (HSWRI), I was part of the Marine Mammal Stranding Team and gained valuable experience in stranding response, rescues, necropsies, sampling protocols, radio-telemetry as well as working in the field and the laboratory. While working for HSWRI, I used GIS to verify and update coordinates in the database of marine mammal strandings in the Southeast United States.

Photography and scientific illustration are valuable tools that I have acquired over many years and continue to enhance my career as a biologist.

I have published several illustrations for both scientific and educational purposes. My work as a photographer has been mostly on a freelance basis and I have been able to use my skills as an artist and also as a biologist; conducting photo identification surveys of bottlenose dolphins as well as humpback whales.